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Evolution 3 Pro

3LT Evolution 3 Tri-Mount Plate

Progression. That terrifying, yet inevitable consequence of time. Altogether mistrusted, and usually demonised without just cause. Fear of change is a hangover of past generations, and not future failures. The future - that elusive mistress, that fleetingly and speculatively taunts us, with promises of new technology and a brighter path, and tantalises us with unfulfilled potential - a never ending stairway to the next great invention. Riches and infamy are the folly of the delusional. The future though - perhaps not as unattainable as you’ve been led to believe.

Tripod technology is a slow moving beast. Like the cooling lava of a lethargic volcano, it crawls, ever quietly, trudging wearily down the path of least resistance, bending to the will of the landscape, incapable of choosing a direction or purpose. And yet, amongst the mire, nestled firmly in the bosom of innovation, is a small tripod solution from England, furiously clawing at the edge of aspiration, wading through a field of curmudgeonly Used-To-Be’s, inhabiting a disparate planet of free-thinkers.

So, put down your flagging has-beens, look up from your disillusion, and see what we have achieved, with nothing more than a desire to be better, to be different, to be relevant. It is time, without question, to embrace a new day, for we are here to stay. Built to enable. Created to inspire. We, are 3 Legged Thing.