The term PUNK has long been associated with being new to something... ‘...You were a nobody, a punk kid starting out’. It is fitting then, that we, the British, the protagonists of PUNK, should also recognise our newest, and boldest creations this way. 3LT PUNKS is a brand new range of tripod systems, designed for the hobbyist, the enthusiast, the hopeless romantics among us - those who crave ultimate, modular functionality at a fraction of the cost previously associated with premium professional imaging products.


The PUNKS bring class and innovation to a sub- culture of under-achieving, budget tripods, with no ambition, and limited capabilities. Designed by 3 Legged Thing in Stagsden, England. Innovated by photographers that understand what photographers want. What they need. Why they need it. There is not a tripod on the planet, in the same classification, which offers more functionality, modular technology, higher capability, unique design, better innovation or greater value for money. 3LT PUNKS. UNshackled from convention. UNcompromising standards. UNlimited potential.

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