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3LT Accessories

You can’t beat decent footwear. Or specialist headwear. I mean, who wears flip flops to go skiing? Or a beanie to Royal Ascot? Nobody. So while you’re contemplating our fine array of tripod footwear & Headwear, ask yourself if you’d use tennis shoes on ice. Or Stilettos on Mud. Then understand that we did all of those things, just to make sure they were wrong. And then we did them again, because it was funny. And Painful. But we did it anyway. Well, not really us. We paid some unemployed Elves to do the tests. Actually, we didn’t pay them, But it was still funny. 

The accessories that we provide are tailored to specific environmental requirements. Heelz are for harder ground like concrete and gravel. Stilettos are designed for rockier terrain, to help elevate precious leg tubing above abrasive surfaces. Claws are for spreading the load across a variety of soft surfaces, including snow, sand and mud, but are also suitable for ice.