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About 3 Legged Thing

From Whence We Cometh

3 Legged Thing was born out of frustration. Frustration at the thousands of tripods available in the world that only do one thing, many of which with no consideration of a photographer's workflow. It seemed obvious to our founder, Danny Lenihan, that something needed to change. Somebody needed to create a product that served multiple purposes -  broader approach to the market as a whole, with tailoured idiosyncrasies to make even the most jaded photographer smile. A fresh approach was required, and, to coin a famous expression "if not now, when?".

And so 3 Legged Thing was born - and like any newborn calf, we stumbled around blindly for a while, finding our feet in an already saturated market, and were shunned to a large extent by the wider photographic community, and labelled "gimicky" and "irrelevant". The other manufacturers scoffed at our cartoonish approach, and brightly coloured tripods, dismissing us as less than the least irksome fly in a stadium. But soon, that all changed...

The Chicken Shed

For no good reason, other than random circumstance, our HQ is based in a Chicken Shed, on a farm in Stagsden, Bedfordshire, England. It is within these four humble walls that 3 Legged Thing has grown into a global innovator in camera support technology. We lay claim to some of the biggest techonological and aesthetic changes in modern tripods, including the introduction of colour, multiple sectioned centre columns, detachable monopod legs as standard on every product, parallel locking system, and multifunctional tri-mount plate. 

We also employ a diverse assortment of fictional creatures, most notably elves and leprechauns. The leprechauns have proven to be adept at weaving magic, despite constant antagonistic behaviour from the elves, who remain suspicious of leprechauns ever since one of their own was caught in a compromising scenario with two fairies by Billy Falalelly, one of the leprechaun supervisors. For the time being, fairies are banned from the premises, as are unicorns whose attitude towards local horses was completely untenable.

Danny Lenihan

Founder and CEO


Billy Falalelly's email address

Dear Customer. We think Billy Falalelly is a disgrace to the leprechaun species, and should mind his own beeswax. Please email him and tell him how you feel. The Elves of Stagsden


5 Year Global Warranty

Did you know that we are the only tripod manufacturer that offers a 5 year global warranty? We know that gear only goes wrong when you need it the most, so we make sure that, when you need us the most, we are always there for you.


Stagsden's wildlife

The local wildlife is an interesting feature of Stagsden. Muntjac's, Chinese Water Deer and Wallabies are rife across Bedfordshire, most of which have bred from animals that escaped from Woburn Safari Park.