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All about Punks

The term PUNK has long been associated with being new to something... ‘...You were a nobody, a punk kid starting out’. It is fitting then, that we, the British, the protagonists of PUNK, should also recognise our newest, and boldest creations this way. 3LT PUNKS is a brand new range of tripod systems, designed for the hobbyist, the enthusiast, the hopeless romantics among us - those who crave ultimate, modular functionality at a fraction of the cost previously associated with premium professional imaging products.


2015-11-24 11:04:28

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Evolution 3 is finally here...

After many months of anticipation, we are proud, and more than a little excited to launch our brand new evolution 3 tripod range. With a number of brand new, never-before-seen tripod technologies, including Paralocks, Tri-Mount plate, Pano Clamp and a full range of footwear, Evolution 3 is the most versatile tripod system on the planet.

Evolution 3 is HERE

2015-11-24 11:02:53

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